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F-BTX effetto botox (5 fiale x 10ml)

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Fiale che agiscono sulle rughe d’espressione con effetto botox. Consigliate anche a chi si sottopone ad iniezioni di botox come mantenimento e per ottimizzare i risultati.

Octapeptides & pentapeptides 10%.
Hyaluronic acid 0,1%.


Prolongs botox results and reduces dynamic wrinkles.

Botox injections are a popular dermatological treatment to temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines. The botox toxin injected in the skin blocks the release of the neurotransmitter ACh as it cleaves the SNAP-25 protein, hence preventing the assembly of the SNARE complex. The nerve signal cannot be relayed, the muscle cannot be contracted and it becomes paralyzed. But such injections need to be applied every six months. F-BTX peptides acts on the modulation of muscle contraction by reducing ACh release at the synapse, as it competes for a position in the SNARE complex but also blocks the entrance from calcium ions, which is necessary for vesicle fusion with the membrane. This is the perfect complement to injections as it can potentiate and maintain the effect of toxins micro-injections for a longer period of time.
The anti-wrinkle effect of F-BTX + botox was increased by 3 folds compared to only botox in the frontal region after 6 months and it decelerated the reappearance of expression lines in the crow’s feet area.

Price: 72.00 CHF