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F-HA+ acido ialuronico 2.6%

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Acido ialuronico non reticolato puro sterile di alto peso molecolare (2.6%). Filler per rughe profonde e volume del viso. Consistenza densa.

Hyaluronic acid 2.5 M daltons 2,6%


Non-reticulated filler for deep static wrinkles and skin volume.

Hyaluronic acid is the ultimate treatment against extreme dryness, deep static wrinkles and loss of volume. Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide with incredible properties, even more enhanced by the specific form that we are using: high molecular weight for immediate and long-lasting results. Dehydration and loss of firmness are signs of skin ageing that lead to wrinkle formation and sagging of some face areas. Using hyaluronic acid helps to maintain a moisturized and firm skin. Hyaluronic acid improves cellular cohesion avoiding transepidermic water loss and stimulates the collagen I synthesis. The skin is therefore progressively tightened and moisturized. The skin is younger, nicer, both flexible and firm.

Price: 117.00 CHF