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F-RADIANCE discromie cutanee (5 fiale x 10ml)

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Trattamento del fotoinvecchiamento e dei problemi di pigmentazione. Favorisce la rigenerazione cutanea, il distacco dello strato corneo superficiale e l’eliminazione di melasma, cloasma, macchie del sole e dell’età, cicatrici dell’acne e rughe. La pelle appare piu’ luminosa, giovane e compatta.


Vitamin C.
CG-TGP2 biomimetic peptide.
Acetyl Glycyl Beta-Alanine peptide.
CG-TRX growth factor.

Treatment of photo-ageing and pigmentation disorders.

F-RADIANCE is an outstanding treatment to reduce dark spots, even out tone and enlighten without causing skin irritations. Pigmentation is a complex process and the result of the melanocytes stimulation mostly by UV. Melanogenesis includes 3 major processes: melanosome formation, melanin synthesis and melanosome transport. The synthesized melanin in mature melanosomes will be subsequently distributed to neighboring keratinocytes toward the upper skin layer resulting in pigmented skin.
The synergy of glutathione, vitamin C, petides and Thioredoxin growth factor is acting at various level: – Inhibition of melanin generating enzymes (tyrosinase, TRP-1 and TRP-2)
– Inhibition of melanosome transport by down regulation of melanophilin.
– Inhibition on the melanin production
The retinol is accelarating the mitosis of basal cells for a faster skin renewal. By accelerating the skin turnover we eliminate the keratinocytes charged with melanin.
After few applications, the skin tone is enlightened and impressive results are achieved on a long-term basis. Treatment with F-RADIANCE requires the use of the Meso-shield 50 for a maximum and long lasting result.

Price: 74.00 CHF