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F-XFC+ biorivitalizzazione +40 (5 fiale x 5ml)

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Biorivitalizzazione per clienti con piu’ di 40 anni: booster con 6 minerali, 23 aminoacidi,, 18 vitamine, 6 co-enzimi, 2 agenti riducenti, taurina, glutatione. Da usare su viso, collo, decollet√®, mani.


6 minerals
23 amino acids
18 vitamins
6 coenzymes
5 nucleic acids
2 reducing agents
1 growth factor
EGF & FGF growth factor
Hyaluronic acid

Bio-revitalisation for customers of more than 40. Cellular nutrition to prevent and reduce the signs of skin ageing.

F-XFC+ formula is skin booster with more than 63 essential nutrients, growth factors and hyaluronic acid. The main function of the product is to provide metabolites to the cells to stimulate their metabolism (production of energy, proteins and cellular growth). The growth factors stimulate the mitosis of epidermic cells and fibroblast. The hyaluronic acid improves skin volume and moisture. The gel texture is allowing a slower release of the active ingredients into the skin for a prolonged effect. This exclusive blend contains all the nutrients and the molecules involved in the Krebs cycle. These nutrients are essentials for the production of energy (ATP) and boost the skin functions. As there are no blood vessels in the epidermis, the cells are nourished exclusively by passive diffusion of plasma from the dermis. While ageing, the skin is in lack of nutrients and oxygen due to a less performing circulatory system.

Price: 103.00 CHF